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To gather information on job avenues and placements available in different institutions / corporate houses etc and to synergies the technical expertise/manpower requirement/ skill etc with the academic programs/curricula/training that the university offers. To organize seminars and guidance workshops for informing students about the emerging professional trends and events, job profiles, leadership roles, entrepreneurship, market needs and risks and implementation of national socio-economic policies and to impart training in soft skills. To analyze information in the local, regional and national context to explore its relevance and utility for the students in their placements and on job-training.

College students have very little chances to interact with the companies, institutions and industries. College is committed to provide a common platform to our students in finding employment by inviting the leader employer in our college campus with providing excellent host facilities to the employers.

Our Mission

To take necessary initiatives for placement of students from our college by providing and conducting college campus interviews regularly with the help of corporate sector campanies for employment of agricultural graduates. To prepare the students to do well in the interviews it will work on enhancement of student’s communication skill, management skills and administrative skills, behavioral skills with the help of resource experts from within and outside the college. This will help to produce human potential with excellence and responsible leadership in different professions. To provide regular career counseling to the job aspirants because it is necessary for the students to be aware of emerging professions, opportunities and demand of the corporate world, as against their own strength and liking.

P.B.R Agriculture Degree College, Terwa, Gausganj is one of the prestigious college and engaged in the process of initiating new measures to achieve excellence in academic standards. The college is taking active interests to improve quality of teaching. “As we know a college is more than a professional college. It should be a place for providing a student with opportunity for all round well-proportioned education for effective living and good citizenship”. But in present scenario it is possible only when you get a respectable job. Also, it is a ultimate objective of every student as well. Hence, there is a need to train and prepare the students for different career and assists to find good jobs. Considering the present scenario, P.B.R Agriculture Degree College has established a counseling and Placement Cell. The motto of placement cell is to provide the job placement facility to its students. In future the college will organize programs on counseling, personal development, entrepreneurship developmentprograms and placement drives at the college campus to train the students up to the current industry level so that they can have a good placement opportunity for a bright future. Placement cell is having group discussion rooms, interview rooms, video conferencing rooms, industry interface rooms etc. with a placement cell office.


Exploit the new information and communication technology to create a global, equitable forum for knowledge creation, sharing and capacity building. Serve as the convener of dialogue about the students and job providers through a National and international agri-experts. Build the next generation of quality students.

Placement Strategies

Goal and Mission of placement Cell Interdisciplinary thematic and system-based programs. Scientific strength in major disciplines for over all students events. Anticipatory research initiatives exploring new opportunities for respectful job. Partnership with students’ communities research institutions/public-private organizations that share mission.

Continued efforts in improving students development and welfare.


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Core Values

Placement actions are guided by a commitment to: Partnership: we act as an extension of our client’s office and work closely to provide you with decisive and dedicated support. We understand what matters to you the most and deliver accordingly.

Integrity: in a demanding business with high expectations and standards, we honestly represent our clients to candidates and our candidates to clients. We do not promise what we cannot deliver.

Confidentially: we accord the highest respect to information that we have been entrusted with.


Development of Scientific integrity and accountability in students. Innovation and creativity
Gender consciousness
Diversity of opinion and approach
Teamwork and partnership
Service to students
Cultural diversity
Indigenous knowledge
Environmental protection
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