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What we offer

1. Hostel

2. Fully furnished rooms

3. High tech networking, security & communication


We have on campus hostel for male students of the college only, which can accommodate 360 students with all the facilities for study, recreation and common living. The rooms are all meant for four occupants each.


The structure is an earthquake resistant, fully R.C.C framed skeleton. It has been innovatively strengthened with the use of plasticize RS in the design mix.

Fully furnished rooms

Innovative designed wardrobes having number of drawers and sections, these well-crafted wardrobes add glamour to the interior of hostel. Wooden wardrobe in a flawless finish shutters with lock & key and each room shared with 4 students with lodging and fooding facility and the hostel is well equipped with 24 hour water and electricity supply with soundless gensets, necessary furniture, recreational facilities, indoor and outdoor games, common rooms are also available.

High tech networking, security & communication

The hostel shall have a state of art integrated security and communication system. At the entrance gate itself, there shall be a control room which shall facilitate audio communication of every visitor intended to be visited. The entire hostel shall also be inter-connected with each other enabling toll free communication. The cabling shall be compatible with fibre- optic networks enabling cable TV, Internet, Telephony and all other benefits in the future.