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1. I am unable to log in. What should I do?

2. What happens to my saved data after my free subscription period is over?

3. What happens to my saved data during my free trial period if I become a subscriber once the free period is over.

4. The system suddenly logged me out. Why?

5. How do I change my user name and password?

6. I am using my e-mail Id to log in. Is my privacy protected?

7. How much time does it take for my subscription to be activated?

8. I am a student and do not possess a credit card. How do I pay? Do you have an offline mode of payment?

9. The amount has been already debited from my credit / debit card. How do I access my pack?

10. I am having payment problems. What do I do?

11. Are there discounts on purchasing multiple packs?

12. Is there any basic system requirement?

13. Can I download SLM to watch later?

14. Can I print, copy or e mail my lesson modules?

15. Which browser do I need to run Smart Study Pack?

16. My parent created my account, I have forgotten my password/login ID. So how can reset my password or Login ID

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